Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ever been to Murphy?

I love living in Murphy, Texas.

You have to appreciate the complexities of living in a large metropolitan are like Gotham--I mean Dallas / Fort Worth. I have friends who spend one, two, even three (3) hours a day in their cars driving to and from work, taking kids to activities--they burn more rubber on the road than the Department of Public Safety! I love Metropolis--I mean, Dallas--but I'd rather be in the pool, my study, my office, the yard, the organic garden, or the floor with my boys than commuting all over town.

That's why I love Murphy, Texas.

We're so central; 15 minutes to Collin Creek Mall::15 minutes to Keller Williams Plano Central Office::15 minutes to Firewheel Mall::5 minutes to church::10 minutes to Nana's house::60 seconds to my covered back porch to watch the boys chase the bunnies in our yard.

Yup. So what are you waiting for? Move to Murphy.