Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Texas Real Estate II

Happy San Jacinto Day!
As a result of the Battle of San Jacinto, almost a third of what is now the United States of America changed ownership. (Non-native Texans can read about the Battle of San Jacinto, here...)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blogger's Despair

I blog about real estate elated stuff for one reason: because Amber Boyd, Ninja Real Estate Business Coach Extraordinaire tells me to.

Oh, sure, it's a good discipline, it occasionally helps my clients reflect on some important stuff like the post below on home improvements. But mostly I do so because Amber tells me to. And after all, when Amber was selling she sold the entire metropolitan area of Kansas City. I mean ever square foot of land. So... she oughta know.

Then she sends me this link...

What do I do now? How can I ever face the three people who regularly read my blog?

What do I wanna do with my life???

This post brought to you by JTOden Realty. We take the business of real estate sales and our clients very seriously. But do we take our selves seriously? Nah, not so much.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For REALTORS: Builders and Developers Who Don't Pay

Developers and builders who will not work with REALTORS are alarming and frustrating. Obviously, agents are in this industry to make a profit. Additionally, an unrepresented home buyer is at risk. Who is their fiduciary? Who represents their interests? Who is on their side? What does a successful, financially liquid builder have to fear from the presence of a REALTOR?

Agents, please submit the names of Developers and Builders who refuse to pay for your services to your clients.

This is a list of Builders and Developers in the North Texas area that are reported to not pay or cooperate with buyers' agents:

Stone Canyon East, LP
Sunnyvale, Texas
The Stone Canyon development in Sunnyvale will only sell to buyers who are underrepresented.