Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Safest Places in Texas Study -- Value Penguin

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2015 Safest Places in Texas

How do the many cities of the Lone Star State fare in terms of safety? Our team has taken the most recent FBI Crime Report to determine how safe Texas cities are relative to each other. The 210 cities ranged in score from 175 to nearly 4,400. Generally, the larger cities ranked worse than cities with fewer residents, after accounting for population. The state capital ranked in the bottom 20 and Houston came in last. Take a look at the report for more insights:

The Top 5 Safest Places in Texas

Most of our top five cities are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The average adjusted crime score for our top five places was 237.07, 83% more favorable than the typical town in Texas according to our methodology. Most of the cities had populations less than 20,000, with the notable exception being Colleyville, which has approximately 25,000 residents.

1. Murphy, TX

Located in northeastern Texas, Murphy takes our top spot with an adjusted crime score of 175.04. Its extremely low rate of violent crime—21 per 100,000 people—earns it the first spot on our list. Murphy is far and away our first place town, beating out second place by about 55 points.
  • Adjusted Crime Score: 175.04
  • Population: 19,347
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