Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foundation Repair Sucks! (Well, actually, it blows*)

*One of the most common methods out there--thet BLOW a high pressure jet of water into the whole straight down to create a sloppy channel for the concrete piers to push through until they hit a terminal resistance.

A few years ago, we had foundation repair done to our 23 year old Fox and Jacobs home in Rowlett, Texas.  It was a textbook repair job that required a set of piers along the eastern perimeter of our house.
Three years prior we had done the same to the western perimeter.

Now, if you live in Rowlett and own a 20+ year old home built by F&J you WILL repair the foundation if it hasn't already been fixed.  That's it, I am a prophet.

Thankfully, our Murphy home is on slightly more stable soil--but some day, who knows..

Piers usually cost between $350 and $500 a pop.  You seldom will get away with stretching them out further than every 5-7 feet.  So, for a 20 ft. wall, that's likely about $1,600 bucks.  Ouch, right?

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