Property Management

JTOden Realty can now manage your lease property!

This service was added to assist a growing number of clients who have bought investment properties and like the idea of have JTOden Realty service them and their tenants.  J.T. says, "We feel confident this is a valuable addition to our business.  We've sold houses to investment buyers who were anxious about the management of their new investment property but we had only management referrals to offer them."  For landlords who prefer to manage the monthly responsibilities of their properties all on their own, Our brokerage is also adept at marketing homes for lease in order to minimize the time your investment is sitting idle and unoccupied.  "We really are a 'one stop shop' now." J.T adds, "Our brokerage  now is leveraging our experience, integrity and fabulous customer service across every aspect of residential real estate. "

Whether you are a prospective investor looking into your first rental home purchase, or an experienced landlord who wants to hand the reins over to our team, JTOden Realty is ready to help.