Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Go Green for the sake of your $Green$

I'm going to save the world: I declare that everyone should buy and sell their homes with me as their contracted agent. Do so, and I'll buy you a tire gauge. With that apparently you can save America?


I just read a news article that featured Senator Obama, Presidential Candidate, suggesting that properly inflating our tires is a way we could stem the impact of fossil fuel costs. "Obama had noted that keeping tires inflated and cars tuned was endorsed by both NASCAR and AAA and should be part of any comprehensive plan to reduce reliance on imported oil." Really? Sure it's a good idea, but that's like putting granite counter tops on a house that needs $30,000 in foundation repair so you can list it for $10,000 over market value! Hmmn....

I'm all for Green Living, Green Building, a Greener Murphy, and Greenpeace. But the Green I care most about, is the GREEN in my wallet! Homeowners in Murphy, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Rowlett, Mesquite, Allen and all over the Dallas Metroplex can help the environment while seeking primarily to save the endangered species in their wallets: their cash!

There is a great article in the April 2008 issue of Reader's Digest. Like me, the John Tierney recognizes the emotional, political, and financial benefit of a little "Armchair Environmentalism." Here's a summary list of 10 things homeowners can do to green up your wallet (oh, and save a spotted owl-turtle-fish-whats-it also!):

1. Skip a Trip -- take a "stay-cation" and avoid spewing jet fuel fumes across the country. Our local communities have things to offer for fun that we can make into memorable vacation time.
2. Hire Someone to Seal Up Your House -- wow... I can get lower HVAC bills, cleaner indoor air, and feel more comfortable? Oh, and I won't be using as much fossil fuel, right. Fossil fuel bad, I got it.
3. Work From Home -- sweet, and I won't have to waste all that water showering and shaving.
4. Drive a Fuel-Efficient Car -- great Idea, I wish Detroit would build a V8 muscle car with an optional electric motor. 90% of the time I'd be happy to zip around town in a golf cart. Then I could fire up the V8 and really drive...
5. Use Cruise Control -- win-win: lazy and fuel efficient!
6. Cool Your Water-Heating Bills -- apparently scalding hot water isn't that great for clothes, skin, or the budget. Turn the HWH down to 120 degrees. Remember what Dustin Hoffman taught us, "Hot water burn baby! Hot water burn baby!"
7. Don't Wash the Dishes -- that's right, the dishwasher is your friend. He's more effective and efficient.
8. Use a Laptop, and Let It Nap -- Laptops in sleep mode save you a lot of kilowatts
9. Drink Tap Water -- My wife thinks this one is gross, but the savings is in avoiding the fuel spent on lugging the bottles either from the store, or if you pay a distributor, lugging them from the warehouse.
10. Stay Married --my wife thinks this one is gross----no, wait wrong tip, um... divorce produces two households and thus doubles the utilities bills, and doubles the greenhouse gas production. Not to mention the paperwork! My Dad the attorney says, "every time a lawyer hangs out his shingle, the forest weeps."

For the complete article and the rest of Tierney's list go to

From Reader's Digest - April 2008

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