Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credits

So what? So, who can qualify for this and what does it look like when you get your check?

Well, the law qualifies a first time home buyer as a buyer who hasn't owned a principal residence in in the last three years. Those folk can buy a new or resale home and get up to $8,000 in a tax credit. Here's the part no one knows about: home owners who make a "move-up" may be eligble for a a $6,500 tax credit! That means that if you move from your existing property to a new one, Uncle Sam may pay over six thousand dollars to you via a tax credit. HUD may even allow you to use that money as closing costs. That's a lot of closing cost assistance! But the jig is up in April, so it's time to start moving TODAY.

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Some details were lifted from by the NAHB.

2 comments: said...

Sooooo the government will pay me to long as it is to a bigger house? Is it a coincidence that a bigger house typically means more property taxes.

Amber said...

Happy New year my friend!