Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Easy Ways to Increase Home Value - Real Estate - daveramsey.com

Easy Ways to Increase Home Value - Real Estate - daveramsey.com


JTOden Realty said...

Fact: Dave Ramsey is a genius.
Fact: if in 2008 we'd have elected Dave Ramsey you can be darn sure the national debt would be smaller, there wouldn't be any bailouts, and credit card companies would be scared.

Oh... and his background is real estate sales too...

kbrown@yourinsurancedude.com said...

Fact: you must mean 2004 election because bailouts and national debt increase began on that presidents watch.

and true that Dave got a B.S. in finance and real estate from the University of Tennessee, and then went on to found Ramsey Investments, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm, which specialized in foreclosure and bankruptcy real estate.

but then...once Dave had accumulated more than $4 million by flipping rental property in the 1980's, when the new owners of the bank called his bank notes, he instantly lost his entire portfolio and virtually everything he owned by age 30.

So like a true Entrepreneur he reinvented himself and eventually found his success. So he can truly say "been there done that with debt."