Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Good Photos of Your Home for Sale?

Does their photography stink,
or does the house need major foundation repair?
It's a real one right off the MLS.
Are you buying the house or the lamp?
"Your Broker Matters"  

That's just my latest clever marketting tag line, right?  WRONG.  Maybe it shouldn't be so, but it is very true that the level of expertise and commitment to quality that your broker brings to the table is very relevant to your selling and buying success.
So, I guess the used shampoo is included?
This tub makes my neck hurt.

To prove the point: this is a list of photography tips I just saw, written for listing agents.  Take a quick look....

Photography tips for listing agents
You will need: A camera, a towel, a table or sturdy flat surface, a hammer, a phone and a room that needs to be photographed.
  1. Remove camera from case.
  2. Remove battery from camera and put it in your pocket.
  3. Place towel on flat surface.
  4. Place camera on top of towel.
  5. Fold towel over camera until it is completely covered.
  6. Pick up the hammer and hit the camera at least 10 times. When the camera is flat you have hit it enough times.
  7. Use the phone to call a photographer.
  8. Carefully pick up the towel and keep it folded and toss it in the trash (this part may take some practice).
  9. Take the battery to a recycling center.

Ha!  JTOden Realty has worked with a professional photographer for listing images for years now.  It seemed OBVIOUS to us.  To read the whole of Teresa Boardman's article at Inman News click here.
Meagan Block Photography... done the RIGHT way.
Your Broker Matters.  Really.

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