Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why am I updating a Dallas, Texas blog again?

Blogging... yeah, it seems a bit vain at times.  Did a NY Times writer really say, "Never have so many written so much to be read by so few?"  Hilarious!!!  I like the discipline of writing articles.  I like putting useful North Texas area real estate information out there.  I think that Facebook is quicker, faster, and certainly has greater traffic.

.  But, who knows... at least the brain is twisting, turning, and my clients can see that on my website I am eager to communicate to them about their real estate needs in Murphy, Rowlett, Richardson, Plano, etc...

I like my job.  Reminds me of a joke my Dad used to tell me, he got it from Henny Youngman.  ...An elderly Jewish man was crossing the street when he was hit by a car.  The paramedic shows up and says, "Are you comfortable?" The man says, "I make a good living."

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