Thursday, September 20, 2012

Murphy Residents & Bulky Trash on October 18

Appliances that use Freon must have proof of its removal

MURPHY, Texas Residents with trash that is too large or bulky for the weekly collection have another opportunity to dispose of this material on Oct. 18 simply by putting it out on the curb, according to Customer Services Manager Candy McQuiston.

“Murphy’s contract with Waste Management includes two bulky trash pickups a year, and the next one is set for Thursday, October 18. Murphy folk need not call to schedule a pickup, but must have their items curbside by 7 a.m. on that day,” she said.

In addition to the early pickup time, the following points are important to remember:
·         All mowers and other motorized yard tools must have all gasoline and oil removed.
·         Any metal placed by the curb should be in pieces no longer than 6 feet.
·         Paint cans with wet paint are not accepted. However, cans with dry, solid paint are acceptable.
·         Appliances, including refrigerators, are accepted. However, appliances with Freon must have it removed by a licensed technician, and the receipt must be taped on the item, otherwise it will not be picked up.
·         Any item with a door must have it removed or securely locked to prevent children or animals from entering it.
·         Brush must be cut into 3- to-4-foot long pieces and no larger than 6 inches in diameter, bundled and tied. The pile should be 4 feet long or less, and 3 feet high or less. Brush should be separated from other trash since it goes to a separate facility.

Items such as concrete, dirt and soil, construction materials, hazardous waste, wet paint, tires and car batteries will not be picked up. Roofing and construction contractors are generally obligated to remove the waste generated by their work, including wooden fence contractors.

“Murphy residents (75094) should consider placing their bulky trash items on the curb on the night before the pickup. That way, there is no danger of missing the trucks, as the trucks will only make one pass through Murphy neighborhoods,” added McQuiston.

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