Monday, March 16, 2015

"Net Neutrality" and Real Estate

Real estate wins with federal rule prohibiting fast & slow lanes on the Internet. #NetNeutrality
3/13/15, 10:30 AM

My concern here is truly apolitical

I strongly disagree. Federal Gov. interference will make the net a mess!
You know that mountain of forest-decimating paperwork you have to go through when you buy a house?  Well, Lawyers and plaintiffs are mostly to blame, the rest of the fault for the deforestation and hand cramps you see at a closing rests on the shoulders of the government. heard of the real estate crash of 2006-2007?  Want to know who was the main contributor to that popping bubble?  The Federal Government.  Now the Feds want to regulate access and speed and content on the internet.  As REALTORS(R) we have first hand experience with the Fed. Gov. NOT improving things when they increase their involvement. Advocates for the federal restrictions cite "fairness to companies that can't afford it."  Regulation via the FCC is a terrible idea and not at all a free-market solution.

Of note is that FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly voted against the FCC's plan and called it “monumentally flawed”, did ReMax, Ebby, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, etc. get where they are through innovation, struggle, and character in a free market environment or through propping up by the gov. and under the thumb of federal control?”

I said this was an apolitical issue for me.  But it has a strong philosophical or world-view elements behind it.  If you believe in a zero-sum world, if you suffer from Tall Poppy Syndrome, then yeah, you'll love net-neutrality.  But since when does a fervently entrepreneurial group like the National Association of REALTORS(R) think like that?  If that was our mantra, there would be no real estate professionals... period.

If JTOden Realty has a huge presence on the web it should be because we worked hard to achieve it.  Invested lots to get us there, etc.  This isn't a "You didn't Build that" political jaw.  I know the government is responsible for infrastructure and communication to a degree and that's cool.  But cutting off the tall poppies because you think it's the fair thing to do to the short poppies is immoral, foolish, and frankly un-American.

Prior to becoming British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher explained her philosophy to an American audience as "let your poppies grow tall" --Wikipedia.

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