Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ever tasted government cheese?


One of the things about real estate is that you have to sell, whether the market is favorable or not. Sell, sell, sell. You have to call agents and tell them about your listings. You have to make certain your listings reflect the current market value. You have to educate and protect your clients. And you have to weed out of your clients' minds the biased rubbish of the media.

I have finally lost all interest in the 2008 presidential elections. One guy scares, one guy worries me, and the current guy disappoints me. I suspect that we can trust Obama to do things that will reduce the profit ordinary folk can count on from buying and selling real estate. It would't suprise me if McCain did something less painful along the same lines.

Neither candidate seems to have a passion for seeing the free market capitalist system live and breathe and cycle through its processes. We as a nation once believed that God would bless our good, honest efforts and provide for us. Today, it seems that many Americans believe that we shall not win but by the invasive heavy hand of government. Bail it out, buy it up, infuse it, nationalize everything and we'll all be better off?

Ever tasted government cheese?
Ever waited forever in line at the DPS, DMV, or Tax Office?
Every been frustrated because you did your taxes on a FORM 1040-EZ and the IRS said you had to use FORM 1040ES instead?
Every noticed how you had jolly well better pay the IRS on time, but they'll lolligag around about getting your refund to you?
Ever hear the phrase, "Close enough for Government work." And yet no one ever says, "Close enough for an independent small businessman."

Now, vote for whomever your mind and conscience lead you to support, but please do not allow evil forces to slip into your mind the foolishness that either Republican or Democratic governemnt will solve problems, improve quality of life, or make good moral decisions.

The Federal Governemnt should protect the innocent, build roads, and fight wars against our enemies.

I'm J.T. Oden, the Real Estate Man and I approved of this message.


Anonymous said...

YOur 10/14/2008 blog should use the U. S. Postal Service as an example of government management as good as it will ever get. Its deficit now rivals some of the investment bankers that are being bailed by...who else... the U.S. government financed by u no who. Go to the post office and watch your postal service at work and you will see why the deficit will get worse!

The best remedy is a big, big turnover of congressmen and senators on a regular basis.

/s/Avid Reader from Amarillo

Anonymous said...

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” --Thomas Jefferson

Recently, I've come across this quote a few times in the media discussing our economy and the government. Now I’m by no means an economist and certainly far from being a political historian, but maybe we should take some time to read up on what Karl Marx might say about recent happenings…

And Yes, I have tasted government cheese. I have benefited from government-sponsored programs and grants. I am a beneficiary of taxpayer’s money. So am I thankful for government cheese? YES!! Do I think government cheese is the issue? NOPE!! I think the problem is with us mice. We have all heard the rants about how the government is all about money and power. But one thing we seem to take for granted is that although money can always be taken from us, power must be given. Most government leaders are elected. And then beyond that they are followed, tolerated, or given the boot. It seems we mice have forgotten our ability to pick and choose what cheese is good cheese and what is bad. We just follow the path of least resistance, thinking cheese is cheese... NEWSFLASH!! NOT ALL CHEESE IS CREATED EQUAL. Governments war on drugs –good cheese. Government’s bailout plans --salmonella-tainted cheese. Examples of blind mice at play are we who vote straight party-line, because, well…we always have and besides I agree with 60% of what is being said! And we blind mice that “re-elect” known criminals as governmental officials in our nation’s capital. I still can’t understand that one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marion_Barry

So I believe that in the cheesy stench of our political environment the best thing to do is pray that GOD does what only he can do –Work all things for the good of his kingdom. Romans 8:28

Anonymous said...


I really like your blogsite and your comments! So true.
One question I am wondering about, though, is whether or not you got a license to use the Peanuts music? Being somewhat sensitive to copyright issues, I will be happy to point you in the right direction legally if you have any trouble.

A voice from Santa Fe

Amber said...

Look at all the comments you are getting so cool!

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Anonymous said...

America seems to be experiencing (or is about to experience) the rotten fruit of sin. People say the system is broken, but it is not. "Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other,"(John Adams)It is the people holding the offices and the voters who keep them there that are broken. Too many Americans have exchanged the truth of God for a lie, beginning with the church.
But fear not! Instead, pray and seek God's face, ask Him to burn away anything that is impure in you and He will ever be your refuge. It is time to lift the Lord up, that He may draw all men unto Himself.
That is our only hope, and it is enough.

Unknown said...

Denial is the enemy of accountability. In other words, the government denies the problem, and we "mice" (well said 'nothing') don't hold the rats responsible. Negligence is a sin well received by the mice of America.

Amber said...

Ok, seriously, still the same article and where were you on wed at the coaching group? What a slacker!