Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Third Quarter Days on Market Stats

Average Days on Market for Third Quarter (July-September) for homes in the Northeast Dallas Metro Area: Collin, Dallas, and Rockwall County by City. MLS Statistics provided courtesy of JTOden Realty.

City -- Average Days on Market, Number of Homes Sold
Murphy -- 105, 86 homes sold
Sachse -- 94, 89 homes sold
Rowlett -- 96, 260 home sold
Rockwall -- 100, 219 homes sold
Dallas NE -- 101, 528 homes sold
Lake Highlands -- 71, 145 homes sold
Garland -- 102, 554 homes sold
Plano -- 80, 1,002 homes sold
Mesquite -- 97, 428 homes sold
Richardson -- 78, 285 homes sold

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Anonymous said...

Those averages look pretty good. Especially given the economic times we are in. I sure wish people struggling with having too much mortgage and who are considering moving to more affordable housing could see those numbers. That Average Days on Market timeline could actually help distressed homeowners. How So? Well consider that Texas is considered a “fast foreclosure” state. What does that mean? Well that means that from a homeowners first defaulted payment they typically have about 90 - 120 days for a house to go through a complete foreclosure. Get the picture now? Reasonable Average Days on Market = One more option to aid a persons overall financial picture. Sure losing your home is an ugly ordeal, but I would rather try to sell my house and proactively mend my financial situation, then to sit by and be forced out the house. Hey we live in Texas! Our Sherriff’s still come to the door to kick people out and foreclosure sale auctions can take place on the doorstep of your very own “former” home. Knowledge is power and knowing the truth about your options can save your personal finances, credit, and sanity.