Thursday, September 23, 2010

Customer Service Post #54
It's an online backup service. No CD's, no external hard drives, secure, fast, easy---or so they said.

Guess what, it broke. It wouldn't work on my computer. Now, at only $5 a month, I didn't expect a lunch with the company president. I didn't get it. I did get a refund! Not only that, but 2 free months should I chose to stay with their service. Grand total cash we're talking about? $25. My 3 months paid when the service failed plus they gave me 2 more months free. But money isn't the point for either of us.

Customer service is what moved them and makes me willing to stay on as their customer.

Hey, you gotta give props when they're due.  I like

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JTOden Realty said...

To those of us in the business world, remember that quality customer service is important but quality performance is paramount. After a few days trying out the competition, I am going with Carbonite. But Mozy is cool and I'll definitely keep them as my second choice.

Though, how often does second place get paid?