Wednesday, September 29, 2010

En Fuego in Murphy -- UPDATE

Check out who was the first En Fuego customer to enjoy the new patio?

J.T. enjoying his pipe on the new patio.

That's J.T. Oden the Real Estate Man enjoying his pipe on a small pile of bricks.  Something tells me that's not the final seating design but it's going to be nice.  See why Your Broker Matters (TM)?  Yup.

Construction on the patio proceeds on...

So, I'm getting ready to run away from home.  The best coffee house of all: Saxby's in Murphy, is a scone's throw from the new En Fuego location.  Sweet.

The Moore guys reported on Facebook that the wood floors went in Tuesday.  That's going to be a lovey value add.  Nice.  I suspect that there are Murphy residents who are occasional pip and cigar  fans who have never been inside an upscale cigar establishment like En Fuego.  They're going to love it.

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